My production company offers a unique and valuable product, a documentary film about you, your spouse, family member, your entire family or perhaps a memorable event from the past or present that you wish to have recorded.

Mark a significant occasion like a diamond wedding anniversary, 80th birthday or retirement from a long career, or simply capture a piece of family history with a  professionally filmed conversation - a recorded memoir - finished with the addition of old photographs and originally composed music. A very special gift and memoir that can be treasured by your family, this documentary film is a unique, personalised product that provides an unforgettable experience, ensuring your family member’s life and stories will be preserved for future generations.

About the product

We offer a wide variety of documentary films: life memoirs, significant birthdays, wedding anniversaries, retirements and any other occasion.

All projects are personalised and unique. The length of the film depending on preferences and theme.  Follow the “Contact” section on this website to discuss your needs and request a quote. Discussing your needs will be free and informal and when we understand your requirements (type of occasion, number of people involved etc.) we will provide you with a no-obligation quote.


Most film productions last between 20 mins and 1.5 hours.


Please find Heritage Film examples and my other productions in the “My Productions” section on my website.

Film examples


The price includes a professionally recorded and edited film, delivered on DVD or USB stick. Moreover you will receive a password-protected link to the film on a safe website or a link to a free download. You will be able to decide who can watch your film.

The price also includes all preparations for the film. We will meet before the filming to gain as much information as possible about the person(s) that will feature in the film. You will receive the list of questions prior to our discussion.

You decide whether you wish us to conduct the conversation to be filmed or if you feel it would be more appropriate to do this yourself.  We will discuss cutaways and what photographs and graphics to use in your film.  We will take you through the entire process of preparation and filming.


It is all about feeling comfortable and having a nice time. I will make sure that filming will be a pleasant and memorable experience for you.

I will arrive with my trusted and very talented cinematographer and our equipment. We will set two cameras, portable lights and a voice recorder. We will film in at least one location – of your choice – and possibly other parts of the house. It all depends on the theme of your film. The conversation will be conducted by me, you or a member of your family (to be discussed during the pre-filming meeting). We will be taking breaks whenever you like.

Do not worry, I will be supporting you throughout our meeting.


If you wish the film to be part of an event, is recommended to contact me a few weeks or months beforehand.

I will arrange a meeting with you and your family before the filming to gain as much information as possible about the person or persons that the film will be about. The time of filming depends on the topic, but might take one full day for up for 1 hour long films and two days for up to 2 hour films. That is the approximate timing if the people interviewed are in a good health.

Every project is individual and contacting me for a free and informal conversation is highly recommended.


The post production time which is editing, sound editing, colour grading and music will take up to four weeks.

That is why it is highly recommended to contact me well before any special event in which you would like the film to feature.

Additional information