My grandmother Kazimiera Bieniawska is my inspiration.

She turns 91 years old in 2017. She raised me in Poland in a spirit of patriotism, freedom and respect. She is an extraordinary person who remembers her life events

very well.

In February 1940, along with her parents and five siblings, she was sent to the Siberian work camps. After a month-long journey in an animal train with almost no food, water or facilities, along with thousands of other Polish and Ukrainian families, she arrived in Siberia. There, for two and half years, starving, she worked in the most humiliating and penurious conditions in forests, chopping trees and building roads.

Due to the change in the political situation in 1943, Poles in Siberia were free to migrate. Many of them were called to the army, as my grandmother was, and she joined the Polish Emilia Plater 1st Independent Women’s Battalion.

When I talked to her I realized how lonely she was, as all her friends have passed away and how many older people treasure a simple conversation, and the opportunity

to recount stories from their lives. I would like to witness and record those conversations and stories for their families, communities and other generations.

My film about her, taken from almost 3 hours of footage, has just been completed. It is going to be kept as a family treasure and sent to various museum

and documentary film festivals.

About me

My name is Malwina Bieniawska and I have been a filmmaker for five years.

I am one of the veterans of Glasgow Film Crew (, a group of keen filmmakers established in 2013. We are a multi-award-winning group and have completed over 30 productions. For the last four years I have been a producer and production designer, bringing to the team my creativity, enthusiasm and hard work. Nevertheless my real relationship with film production started when I became a film director. I love telling inspiring stories and that is why Heritage Film Production became a dream of mine. I feel privileged to take a part in the act of creating films which introduce the people, history and events I am especially overwhelmed by. My other little company, Malvellous Productions, focuses on films from screenplays written by my friends. The themes are varied, but my favourite genres are mockumentary, comedy, horror and drama. I have just finished directing my fourth film.

Please follow the links to my films in “My Productions”.

I am a Polish born artist who for the last 6 years has lived in Scotland. Previous years were spent in Nordic countries and I share my passion for portraying people with passions for travelling, Nordic art, crime literature and martial arts.