Behind the scenes

The newest flyers
The newest flyers

My client welcomed me with a bowl of homemade soup. Beautiful!

Busy on set. We take part in a horror film competition influenced by Annabelle.

Meet this heroine, the subject of my newest documentary film. July 2017

On set of my newest documentary. July 2017

Waiting for the Glasgow Film Crew's round table interview, this time as a guest. June 2017

The Beclowning team on set.

Working on the best angle.

Testing lights on The Beclowning set.

A truly exceptional venue to film one out of three The Life of Beards interviews

Ready to record those amazing life stories

The Life of Beards ready to roll.

Home made Polish food for hungry crew

With my grandmother, the heroine of my first documentary film in between the takes. January 2017